Ashburton Operational Support

Ashburton Brigade is a combined operation with both urban and rural response working out of the Burnett Street station. The amalgamation occurred when FENZ became the governing body in 2017. The urban team respond to in excess of 400 call per year with the expected mix calls including co-response to medicals, (approx. 60 per year) and around the same number of MVA,s. The rural team respond to around the 50 calls per year. A number of their calls reflect the cropping nature of the farming district.
The Operational Support team is fairly new to the Brigade and is building on skill levels and response capability. Current tasks undertaken include scene safety, data gathering, traffic control, first aid and ensuring food and hydration is available as required. The team have set up a trailer to house equipment they may need on site. The Brigade recently purchased a new Ford Transit van which can be used by Op Support to tow the trailer and deliver other services as required.

Ashburton Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Alan Burgess
Number of members : 4
Response vehicle : Ashburton 6229
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Alan Burgess
Address : Ashburton Fire Brigade
332 Burnett Street
Phone number : (027) 432 9136
Email address :
Contact : CFO Alan Burgess
Phone : (027) 432 9136
Email :
Page updated : August 2021