Inglewood Operational Support

Covering an area which includes three state highways, the Inglewood Operational Support unit mostly attend traffic accidents. Members respond in the unit's van which is a Ford Transit,10 seater, aquired in 2019. It is fully equipped with road cones, handheld radios, lighting plant and other necessary equipment used at any scene to protect other members of the brigade . The unit is turned out with any 'two truck calls' or if an appliance is on a main road and if required to get supplies/BA cylinders from New Plymouth station.

Inglewood Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Cameron Gillespie
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Inglewood 6429
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Cameron Gillespie
Address : Inglewood Fire Station
37 Richmond Street
Phone number : (06) 756-0052
Email address :
Contact : CFO Cameron Gillespie
Phone : (06) 756-0052
Email :
Page updated : May 2021