Lake Taupo Operational Support

The area that the Lake Taupo Operational Support Unit responds to is large and has extreme weather and geographic features. The unit operates with units from Napier, Turangi, Kinloch, Rotorua, Tokaroa and Putauru showing the distances travelled.
The call log they operate shows that they attend MVA's, K99's, hazmat jobs and second alarms. The unit also assists the Police in any way required. The unit has an ultralite vehicle which they respond in - Lake Taupo 2926.

Lake Taupo Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO OS Michael Bush
Number of members : 7
Response vehicle : Taupo 2926
Contact Details
Contact name : SO OS Michael Bush
Address : Lake Taupo Fire Station
17 Matai Street
Phone number : (027) 592 9019
Email address :
Contact : SO OS Michael Bush
Phone : (027) 592 9019
Email :
Page updated : March 2023