Little River Operational Support

The Little River Operational Support Unit has 2 members who support 14 volunteer firefighters. The brigade responds to 90+ calls a year and 75% of their business is medical first responder calls and MVA (motor vehicle accidents). They have recently purchased a Mazda BT50 as their new medical/support vehicle (4733) and their older Toyota Hilux (4726) is still used as a back up support vehicle.
The brigade has just re-trained in Line rescue level 2, are still medical first responders and of course firefighters.

Little River Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO John Genefaas
Number of members : 2
Response vehicle : Little River 4733
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO John Genefaas
Address : Little River Fire Station
44 Western Valley Road
Little River
Phone number : (027) 417 6102
Email address :
Little River
Contact : CFO John Genefaas
Phone : (027) 417 6102
Email :
Page updated : August 2021