Kawerau Operational Support

The Kawerau Operational Support unit has been operating for over 60 years. They attend most calls that the Brigade get called to, when the Volunteers are responded too, and assist with salvage, crowd control, traffic management, and any other area that is of assistance to the Brigade.
The Operational Support unit are also called out to help the other Brigades in the area. The Kawerau Brigade's training night is Tuesday 1900 - 2100hrs.

Kawerau Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO Fred Dykes
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Kawerau 9129
Contact Details
Contact name : SO Fred Dykes
Address : Kawerau Fire Station
41 River Road
Phone number : (0274) 738-087
Email address : fred.dykes@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : SO Fred Dykes
Phone : (0274) 738-087
Email : fred.dykes@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : June 2021