Clyde Operational Support

Based between two larger Centres, Clyde Fire Brigade has a couple of higher risk facilities to protect - Dunstan Hospital and the Clyde Hydro Dam. The Brigade attends an average of 50 calls per year which can be a mixed bag of medical, MVA pump response, and obviously fire. The inclusion of multiple cycle trails is an additional risk and has produced some call outs to date. The Operational Support members have a support vehicle kitted out with numerous tools to perform their duties. Apart from normal support on scene, they predominantly work on scene protection.

Clyde Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Steve Gee
Number of members : 2
Response vehicle : Clyde 4126
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Steve Gee
Address : Clyde Fire Station
PO Box 60
Clyde 9341
Phone number : (027) 942 5558
Email address :
Contact : CFO Steve Gee
Phone : (027) 942 5558
Email :
Page updated : June 2021