Blackball Operational Support

Blackball is located on the west coast of the the South Island, about 29km from Greymouth. The Fire Brigade only has 12 members, and being a small community they can’t always have operational personal, so Operational Support play a very crucial role in all aspects of every call out - except for wearing BA. Their tasks vary at each call, but it's not unusual to find one of them on the ECO board or at the end of a branch protecting an exposure.
Blackball Brigade attends all types of incidents from MVA, structural and vegetation fires, natural events and purple medical calls. Operational Support are involved in every call that the brigade attends, and more than likely to make up a larger percentage of the crew during the working week day time.
It is believed that Blackball was one of the first Brigades to have Operational Support ERD drivers and pump operator’s. Special permission had to be granted by the National Commander at the time, a very big deal for small town Brigades.

Blackball Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Robert Newcombe
Number of members : 4
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Robert Newcombe
Address : Blackball Fire Station
9 Hilton Street
Phone number : (027) 248 8977
Email address :
Contact : CFO Robert Newcombe
Phone : (027) 248 8977
Email :
Page updated : June 2021