Martinborough Operational Support

Martinborough Fire Brigade runs an Operational Support Team, under a Station Officer. The team includes Specialist Medical First Responders (Martinborough is about to become the first FENZ based Medical First Response Unit in the Wellington Free Ambulance Region).
The OSU operates a Ford Ranger Double Cab 4WD vehicle that will initially be the Brigade's interim Medical Response unit (MART6526) and fully supports all Brigade Firefighting and other Operational Responses. The Operational Support members train alongside brigade members during weekly training sessions.

Martinborough Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Jacob Hawkins
Number of members : 5
Response vehicle : Martinborough 6526
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Jacob Hawkins
Address : Martinborough Fire Station
9 Texas Street
Phone number : (027) 255 9440
Email address :
Contact : CFO Jacob Hawkins
Phone : (027) 255 9440
Email :
Page updated : July 2021