Tawa Operational Support

The Tawa Operational Support Unit was established in August 2008 and provides support to both Career and the Tawa Brigade but will respond further if required. Their main duties are crowd and traffic control, salvage, scene lighting, refreshments, first aid, post incident salvage, welfare, water supply at rural fires and helicopter landing sites when needed.
Tawa Operational Support respond to all 2 truck calls and second alarm calls or greater when requested. All members are first aid trained and can respond to any medical calls that the Tawa Brigade receives. One member of Operational support is on the station management committee and others a part of supporting social events. Members do Fire Safety and Education of the public in the Tawa area and install smoke alarms when requested.
The unit is responsible for their own training but work very closely with the brigade training Officers and are involved with the Brigade weekly training programme. Operational Support members also take part in UFBA combat challenge, waterway events, and the annual Sky tower climbs.

Tawa Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO Alan Drummond
Number of members : 5
Response vehicle : Tawa 3326
Contact Details
Contact name : SO Alan Drummond
Address : Tawa Fire Station
16 Lyndhurst Road
Phone number : (04) 232 7228
Email address : alan.drummond@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : SO Chris Dalton
Phone : (04) 232 7228
Email : chris.dalton@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : July 2021