Ngunguru Operational Support

Ngunguru lies on the coast, east of Whangarei. The Brigade generally has around 20-25 members with 4-5 Operational Support included within that number.
The Operational Support team's general duties include riding appliance as part of the crew, establishing water supply, traffic control, and any other support tasks required.
Also hold secretary role within the brigade and run fire wise programme too.

Ngunguru Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Mike Burr
Number of members : 4
arrow2  Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Mike Burr
Address : Ngunguru Fire Station
29 Waiotoi Rd
Phone number : (027) 352 5678
Email address :
arrow2  Recruitment
Contact : CFO Mike Burr
Phone : (027) 352 5678
Email :
Page updated : June 2021