Sheffield Operational Support

The Sheffield Brigade was established on 2nd October 1956 and known as the Sheffield Volunteer Rural Fire Committee. In 1975 it became part of the New Zealand Fire Service. They cover a vast area can get calls as far away as Arthurs Pass, approximately 100 kms from the Station. Their Operational Support members do everything, but do not do any BA work or be at the hot end of a hose at a structure fire. Most calls the Brigade respond to are MVAs or medical calls and have approx. 70 to 80 calls per year.
The Brigade is well known in the area for running its fundraiser Mud Plug and Wings and Wheels car and plane show. They also run 4x4 shinny runs to raise funds also.

Sheffield Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Neville Croy
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Sheffield 7125
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Neville Croy
Address : Sheffield Fire Station
Tramway Road
Phone number : (021) 650 554
Email address :
Contact : CFO Neville Croy
Phone : (021) 650 554
Email :
Page updated : June 2021