Balclutha Operational Support

The main task for the Balclutha Operational Support Unit is traffic control and crowd control at MVA's and at fire grounds. Sometimes when the brigade is short on man power, the unit will help out at large fires by looking after the ECO board (BA Wearers). 
Operational Support members respond to call outs either in their dedicated ute (Balclutha 4626) or on the trucks. 
The Operational Support Unit responds to about 180-200 call outs per year, and cover an area about 20km south and 20km north of Balclutha on State Highway 1.

Balclutha Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Jason Lyall
Number of members : 7
Response vehicle : Balclutha 4626
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Jason Lyall
Address : Balclutha Fire Station
22 Charlotte Street
Phone number : (027) 418-1303
Email address :
Contact : CFO Jason Lyall
Phone : (027) 418-1303
Email :
Page updated : May 2021