Mayor View Operational Support

Mayor View Volunteer Fire Brigade has 28 members, 8 females and 20 Males, 22 fire fighters and 6 operational support. We had 101 call outs for 2020 - made up of structure fires, medical, MVAs, vegetation fires, weather events and haz chem calls.
Our Op support members use our support 4wd utes to respond to call outs where they perform scene safety, water supply at fires, traffic control, medical support, supply the incident ground equipment, and helicopter landing zones. We are a coastal settlement which gets in huge increase in population during the summer months.

Mayor View Operational Support
Officer in charge : FF OS Brian Davison
Number of members : 6
Response vehicles : Mayor View 6825
Mayor View 6829
Contact Details
Contact name : FF OS Brian Davison
Address : Athenree Fire Station
43 Roretana Drive
Phone number : (027) 298-7098
Email address :
Mayor View
Contact : CFO Paul Tucker
Phone : (021) 870-824
Email :
Page updated : May 2021