Gisborne Operational Support

The Gisborne Operational Support unit is almost 95 years old, and has a Gold Star member with 47 years of service to the unit. Members respond to K99 Fires, persons reported, motor vehicle crashes, 2nd alarms and greater. The unit is able to assist with lighting and traffic control and also has a canteen trailer unit that can be utilised in a major incident.
The Gisborne Operational Support Unit responds in a Mitsubishi ultra-light vehicle which is fully equipped with gear such as lighting, salvage, BA cylinders, recommissioning gear, a small K19 kit, and traffic management gear.
The Gisborne Operational Support Unit is currently looking for new members. Please contact them if you are interested in joining.

Gisborne Operational Support
Officer in charge : SSO Robin Masemann
Number of members : 6
Response vehicle : Gisborne 8126
Contact Details
Contact name : SSO Robin Masemann
Address : Gisborne Fire Station
185 Palmerston Rd
Phone number : (027) 444 1265
Email address :
Contact : SSO Robin Masemann
Phone : (027) 444 1265
Email :
Page updated : July 2021