Warkworth Operational Support

The Warkworth Operational Support unit was established around the 1970's. The unit cover from Johnstone Tunnels to Kaiwaka, but primarily the Warkworth and surrounding area. They also backup other Bridgade's Operational Support in the area and have built a great relationship with them.
The OSU has a 12 seater Ford Transit and responds to calls on the road side or whenever the other appliances need them for scene safety, especially with the local country roads. The van carries traffic control equipment, lighting, light refreshments, speed humps, and a first aid kit.

Warkworth Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO OS Samantha Noyer
Number of members : 6
Response vehicle : Warkworth OSU 1
Contact Details
Contact name : SO OS Samantha Noyer
Address : Warkworth Fire Station
2 Church Hill
Phone number : (021) 152 8715
Email address : samantha.noyer@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : CFO Devan Flewellyn
Phone : (027) 480 4836
Email : devan.flewellyn@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : June 2021