Waikanae Operational Support

The Waikanae Operational Support Unit, formally known as the Fire Police Unit, was established in 1952 when the Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade was first formed. The team operated as a Fire Police Unit until the New Zealand Fire Service Commission changed the name to become Operational Support Units. The Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade responds to approximately 250 calls per year and the Operational Support Unit attends approximately 50 of those calls.
The Operational Support Unit has up to 6 members who regularly train alongside the rest of the Brigade as well as completing training more specific to their role.
Operational Support members are trained and equipped to respond and provide support with traffic management, lighting, salvage, crowd control, first aid, and assist with setting up for helicopter landing sites. The unit is also set up to provide refreshments to fire and other emergency crews for responses that extend over a long period of time.
Along with responding to calls, the Operational Support members also assist with community events, smoke alarm installation and brigade welfare.

Waikanae Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Sarah Sundgren
Number of members : 2
Response vehicle : Waikanae 3826
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Sarah Sundgren
Address : Waikanae Fire Station
353 Te Moana Road
Phone number : (027) 276 6920
Email address : sarah.sundgren@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : CFO Sarah Sundgren
Phone : (027) 276 6920
Email : sarah.sundgren@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : September 2021