Invercargill Operational Support

The Invercargill Operational Support Unit is an integral part of the Invercargill Fire Brigade. The first Invercargill Fire Police Unit was set up in 1887 under legislation much the same as that of today. It consisted of 25 men and was formed to control the crowds of curious idlers hampering the brigade. Little is known about the operation or length of the first Invercargill Fire Police Unit but it is known that it had ceased operations by 1940.
Today's Invercargill Operational Support unit can trace its beginnings to 1949 where it was formed from members of the war time EPS and has operated continuously since then. The Unit attends 25 to 30 K99 fire calls per year together with 3 or 4 motor vehicle crashes and traffic control assistance is given to the Police for public events 4 or 5 times a year.

Invercargill Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO Stewart Saunders
Number of members : 1
Response vehicle : Invercargill 2120
Contact Details
Contact name : SO Stewart Saunders
Address : Invercargill Fire Station
50 Jed Street
Phone number : (03) 216 6071
Email address :
Contact : SO Stewart Saunders
Phone : (03) 216 6071
Email :
Page updated : June 2021