Hikurangi Operational Support

The Hikurangi Volunteer Fire Brigade have been around since 1915 and typically have around 30 members. They average around 170 calls a year with the most number of calls being vegetation and medical calls, closely followed by road accidents. The Operational Support members turn out to most of the calls on the appliances as part of the crew, or in their own right to MVA calls inside and outside the district, either alongside the brigade or by themselves as dispatched by Firecom to help other brigades close by whenever required.
The OSU team work well with the fire fighters at calls, setting up lighting, portable dams, running pumps, rolling hoses up, and doing scene protection.

Hikurangi Operational Support
Officer in charge : SO OS Paul O'Dea
Number of members : 7
Response vehicle : Hikurangi 6429
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Trevor Gallagher
Address : Hikurangi Fire Station
3 Alfred Street
Phone number : (021) 595 404
Email address : trevor.gallagher@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : CFO Trevor Gallagher
Phone : (021) 595 404
Email : trevor.gallagher@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : June 2021