Takaka Operational Support

The Takaka Brigade attends approximately 80-100 calls a year ranging from MVAs, structural fires, purple medical calls, false alarms, weather events and rescues. Operational Support has just started in early 2021 to be attached to more calls and the crews have already found them to be vital for their small rural town. They are continually building on skill levels and response capability.
The Operational Support members ride in the appliances if there is room, otherwise they follow in 3926 - a Toyota Hilux which is fully equipped with decontamination kit, lighting, first aid, traffic management equipment, generator and other necessary tools and gear.
The OS members do everything an Operational firefighter will do, except wearing BA and fighting the fires. These duties can include but not limited to feeders and hydrants, portable pump setup, first aid, getting other equipment set up, lighting, salvage, traffic management, ECO, incident control and data gathering.
Operational Support members are encouraged to do additional training including pump, MVA, ERD, Level 2 line Rescue. As well as responding to the calls listed above, the Operational Support members support the Brigade in community events, fire safety, smoke alarms and house checks.

Takaka Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Philip Woolf
Number of members : 5
Response vehicle : Takaka 3926
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Philip Woolf
Address : Takaka Fire Station
6 Motupipi St
Phone number : (027) 451 6076
Email address : philip.woolf@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : CFO Philip Woolf
Phone : (027) 451 6076
Email : philip.woolf@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : September 2021