Te Kuiti Operational Support

The Operational Support Unit was set up early 2006 and attend larger call outs to help with a range of tasks from traffic/crowd control, scene protection, additional personnel/equipment transport right through to supplying tea and coffee at prolonged scenes. With support from the Lion Foundation, the Te Kuiti brigade purchased a brand new Holden Rodeo Ute in mid 2005. They then purchased a generator, lights, traffic wands and salvage sheets with money donated by the local community, organisations, and individuals. Lights and a siren, conspicuity tape, and fire safety messages were added to finish it off - with help from the Region's Fire Safety and Promotions team. Inframax Construction donated road cones, "STOP/GO" signs, Hi-Vis jerkins, and more traffic wands to help make the vehicle totally stand alone. The vehicle has a slide out tray system fitted into the back so that everything is accessible without having to 'climb in' to get things out.

Te Kuiti Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Phil New
Number of members : 2
Response vehicle : Te Kuiti 4729
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Phil New
Address : Te Kuiti Fire Station
52 Taupiri Street
Te Kuiti
Phone number : (027) 661 5800
Email address : phil.new@fireandemergency.nz
Te Kuiti
Contact : CFO Phil New
Phone : (027) 661 5800
Email : phil.new@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : June 2021