Lawrence Operational Support

The Lawrence Volunteer Fire Brigade attends 50-60 callouts a year, attending roughly 1/2 MVAs, 1/4 Medicals and 1/4 Fires. Their Operational Support Unit attends the majority of the Brigade's callouts providing traffic & site safety, scene lighting at the likes of vehicle crashes, Medical first aid as well as assisting firefighters to set up equipment at calls.
Motor vehicle crashes form a large part of the Brigade's turnouts and the unit spends a lot of time at accident scenes. A fully equipped response vehicle is provided to help support the Brigades PRT and Rural Tanker. Operational Support personnel play an integral part in the brigades emergency response of which they are highly valued as members.

Lawrence Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Jude Patterson
Number of members : 2
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Jude Patterson
Address : Lawrence Fire Station
4 Ross Place
Phone number : (027) 255 1191
Email address :
Contact : CFO Jude Patterson
Phone : (027) 255 1191
Email :
Page updated : July 2021