Stratford Operational Support

The Stratford Operational Support Unit, while being a new unit created in the last 4 years, has been kept busy attending to many incidents within the Stratford region. During larger incidents they could be expected to respond to events within the Taranaki region. The Stratford Operational Support Unit is attached to the Stratford Volunteer Fire Brigade and regularly train with the Brigade on a Tuesday night.
Typical Duties for Stratford Operational Support are traffic management, scene protection, first aid, scene lighting, food and refreshment duties. At scrub fires they could also be utilised on the front line. Their duties are diverse apart from wearing BA. Some of the Operational Support members are trained in four wheel drive, both heavy and light, chainsaw use, and advanced first aid.

Stratford Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Dion Howells
Number of members : 3
Response vehicle : Stratford 4829
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Dion Howells
Address : Stratford Fire Station
Miranda Street
Phone number : (027) 207 9163
Email address :
Contact : CFO Dion Howells
Phone : (027) 207 9163
Email :
Page updated : August 2021