Mangonui Operational Support

Mangonui Operational Support was founded in the early 70's (as Fire Police), predominantly as a supporting role for their operational staff - traffic control and security. The Operational Support members are a vital part of the Mangonui Fire Brigade, which is situated in Doubtless Bay.
The Brigade attends many community events and their calls range from Medical Co-Response to Scrub Fires, MVC and house fires and other Natural Disasters. It's a community based brigade with approx. 22 members and they're always looking for new members to join their friendly family orientated team.

Mangonui Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Mark Donnelly
Number of members : 2
Response vehicle : Mangonui 7329
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Mark Donnelly
Address : Mangonui Fire Station
5 Wrathall Road
Phone number : (027) 591 2496
Email address :
Contact : CFO Mark Donnelly
Phone : (027) 591 2496
Email :
Page updated : June 2021