Whanganui Operational Support

The Whanganui Operational Support unit was set up in 1986 to support the permanent professional fire fighters. The Operational Support Unit covers specific incident types within all of the urban Whanganui area and greater alarms within the larger Area 13. Whanganui Operational Support Unit respond to all incidents in a Mitsubishi Canter that has been modified to remove the water tank and provide larger lockers. Their duties are traffic and crowd control, emergency lighting, salvage, security standby and assisting fire fighters at the fire scene - making up hose or supplying gear where needed.
The unit carries two special 19,000 lumen scene lights and 4 high power streamlights that are on constant trickle charge. It also carries toilet facilities, hot weather shelters and has hot food capability for longer duration incidents.
The unit has training every second Tuesday.

Whanganui Operational Support
Officer in charge : SSO Bryan Barkla
Number of members : 11
Response vehicle : Whanganui 7126
Contact Details
Contact name : SSO Bryan Barkla
Address : Whanganui Fire Station
89 Maria Place
Phone number : (027) 277 5201
Email address : bryan.barkla@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : SSO Bryan Barkla
Phone : (027) 277 5201
Email : bryan.barkla@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : July 2021