Rolleston Operational Support

The Rolleston Operational Support Unit was formed mid 2021. It has allowed members that have served considerable time with the brigade, that no longer have the time to commit to full duties of such a busy urban brigade, to remain active without the demands that they can no longer afford. The members are still able to crew the PRT as Operational Support, and prove useful on weekdays where drivers are short by example.
The Rolleston Operational Support members still attend weekly training alongside the rest of the Rolleston members and are considered very much an integral part of the brigade.

Rolleston Operational Support
Officer in charge : SSO Nigel Lilley
Number of members : 2
Contact Details
Contact name : SSO Nigel Lilley
Address : Rolleston Fire Station
4 Chaucer St
Phone number : (027) 284-8130
Email address :
Contact : CFO Cameron Kenyon
Phone : (03) 347-8398
Email :
Page updated : July 2021