Opunake Operational Support

The Opunake Operational Support Unit operates a 9 seater van and support trailer. They cover an area that includes small town rural areas, a gas production station, rural roads and State highways.
The unit supports the fire fighters at MVA's by managing traffic and at fires with crowd control, as well as assisting and supporting fire fighters during storms and large events, or during the day when an appliance cannot make up a crew.

Opunake Operational Support
Officer in charge : CFO Craig Dingle
Number of members : 5
Response vehicle : Opunake 5329
Contact Details
Contact name : CFO Craig Dingle
Address : Opunake Fire Station
33 King Street
Phone number : (027) 444 6148
Email address : craig.dingle@fireandemergency.nz
Contact : CFO Craig Dingle
Phone : (027) 444 6148
Email : craig.dingle@fireandemergency.nz
Page updated : July 2021